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First Missionary Baptist Church Hayneville First Missionary Baptist Church Hayneville

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FirstMissionary Baptist ChurchHistory

As researched by Minister Maggie Chaney

          First Missionary Baptist Church was organized in the year 1893. The Rev. D L Gulley preached the organizing sermon. After it was organized, the church called its first pastor, in the person of Rev Zake Cain. He was associated with the following officers: Deacon Tom McCall, Joe Moss, James Lewis, Hommor Barlow, Jonas Rudolph, and Ike Barlow. Rev Zake Cain served first for two years.


After Rev Cain’s leadership ended, the church called Rev S M Reeves to be the second pastor. He was indeed a “gospel preacher”. He was well informed in the Baptist Doctrine. He gave good and efficient service for seven years. During his leadership, Rev Reeves added many members to the church. Under his leadership, he ordained S M Lewis and Tom McCall.


After Rev. Reeves, the church called Rev Moss to be their third pastor. He was a plain and practical gospel preacher who served the church well for three years.


The fourth pastor called to serve First was Rev M C Williams. Rev Williams put his shoulders to the wheel and did much good work. He served First for __ years and lead the church well.


The church then called its fifth pastor, Rev Oliver. He was a fine leader and good gospel preacher. Rev. Oliver served only a short time.


The sixth pastor called to lead First was Rev Brown. He was a splendid and safe gospel preacher who knew his Baptist Doctrine very well. The work done by him was remarkable. He remodeled of the church and laid the cornerstone in 1912. He also ordained the following deacons: Adam Peterson, B S Whiting, Albert Cannon, John Hunter, Fate Barlow, and C H Whiting Sr. Rev Brown also licensed Rev B S Whiting to the ministry on June 15, 1924. The respectful council was Rev Brown, Rev R L Payne, Rev Gulley, and Rev Wash Lewis. The church was recovered by Rev Brown. With Rev Brown and the help of the members of First, they added 10 feet to the back of the church. His leadership ended with his death, September 1927. After serving sixteen years, he left $60.00 to the church treasure in his will. He added many members to First during his pastorship.


            The seventh pastor called to lead was Rev Calvin. He too was a gospel preacher, a person and pastor that the church loved. He served about six months and our heavenly Father called him home.


          The church called its eighth pastor to lead in Rev Williams. His service was faithful. He ordained the following deacons: Bro C D McCall and Bro Asberry Cottrell. He served the church for two years.


          The ninth pastor called to lead First was Rev W M Madson. He was a well informed and a good gospel preacher. He served First five years and added 10 more feet to the front of the church.


          The tenth pastor called was Rev J H Cappell. He only led First for two years.


          The eleventh pastor called to lead was Rev W Green. He was a splendid preacher and added many members to the church. Under his leadership, the church was remodeled once again. He ordained one deacon, Bro Arthur Whiting. Rev Green died July 14, 1942.


          Rev B S Whiting pastured the church until Rev G W Williams was called to lead First. He was the twelfth pastor from 1942 to 1943.


          The thirteenth pastor was Rev H E Fields. He led the church for less than three years.


The fourteenth pastor asked to come to First was Rev J W McCall. He only served for one year.


The church called Rev Browder in 1946 to be the fifteenth pastor of First. Under his leadership, to deacons were ordained: Bro B T Barlow and Bro Richard Smith Sr.


The first Sunday in January 1950, the church called Rev R L Dixon to pastor. He was the sixteenth pastor called to lead First. Rev Dixon was well loved by the church. On April 7, 1957, he ordained the following deacons: Bro Albert Hurst, Bro Hugh Smith, Bro Charlie Whiting Jr. In 1957, a new church was built and the $10,000 debt that the church was in, paid in full in 3 years. In 1961, he ordained Bro William Hardy and Bro Scott Billingsley Jr.


          In 1962, on April 9th, he ordained Bro William B Rudolph and also ordained Rev Aaron McCall to the ministry. He served the church well for twenty six years. He died in September 1976.


          After the death of Rev Dixon, the church extended a call to the Rev W M Ashley to serve as the seventeenth pastor for First. Rev Ashley was from Millbrook, Alabama. During his leadership, with the cooperation of the church congregation, they were able to buy a new piano, carpet, and furniture for the pastor’s study and the auditorium. He also bought a microphone system and extended the choir and pulpit. Rev Ashley was a hard worker and a gospel preacher. He was loved by many members of the church. He ordained Rev George McCall to the ministry. He also ordained the following deacons: Bro Bennie Smith and Bro William Brown. He served the church for seven years.


          Following the departure of Rev Ashley, March 1985, the church extended a call to the Rev George Davis, of Hayneville to be the eighteenth pastor of First. Who was well loved by the church because of his total dedication to Christ and First. Under Rev Davis’ leadership, the top of the church was renovated, two bathrooms added to the front of the church. He also was able to provide cushioned pews for the church. He ordained only one deacon under his leadership: Bro Leyvonne Griffin and ordained Rev Charles Tolbert to the ministry.


          In 2000, our presiding pastor, Rev. Aaron D McCall was extended the invite to be the nineteenth pastor of First. Under his leadership many wonderful changes have occurred. He has brought about several ministries, which includes the Women of Vision, the Men of Vision, Pastor’s Care and Christian Education. Pastor McCall is well loved by his members. He is truly a gospel preaching, teaching pastor truly dedicated to spread the Word of the Lord. Under his leadership First has transformed from being a Missionary Baptist church to being part of the Full Gospel Fellowship.